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Michael Fallon

  From the Desk of Michael Fallon: Finding My Way to Spring Training
Guest Blog Post
February 16, 2017
University of Nebraska Press Blog

 Shrine of the Eternals 2016 Keynote Address
Delivered by Michael Fallon
July 17, 2016
Pasadena Central Library
Pasadena, California

Fallon Keynote

  An Arts Funding Revolution
Public Art Review. Fall/Winter, 2012.

A look at what people are saying about the recent boom in grants to promote creative placemaking.

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  Back in the Game
Public Art Review. Fall/Winter, 2011.

An examination of several recent stadium projects—particularly in Miami and Dallas—that incorporate significant works of public art.

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  The Revolution Will Not
Be Spotified

The Utne Reader. October 28, 2011.

A look at the role popular music has played in helping Americans survive tough times of the past, and what role it is playing in the struggles of today.

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  Narcissus of the Ball Field
The Utne Reader. June 6, 2011.

This review of the “Mixed Signals: Artists Consider Masculinity in Sports” exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum of Art asks if sports really teaches important character lessons to boys striving toward manhood.

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  Fallen City with a Heart
of Gold

The Utne Reader. May 12, 2011.

After more than five years of exploration among the back alleys, ruined halls, pot-holed streets, and empty factories of an emptied Detroit, Yve Marchand and Romain Meffre published a harrowing, but somehow titillating, photographic homage to the place: The Ruins of Detroit.

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  An Artist of the Futile World
The Utne Reader. April 18, 2011.

A profile of the artist Chris Burden who, after rising to notorious heights as a young performance artist in 1970s L.A., has returned to the public limelight with his lyrical and thought-provoking recent installation works.

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The Utne Reader
. April 1, 2011.

While Street Art has lately become so fashionable that Banksy was a punch line to a Justine Timberlake joke at the 2011 Academy Awards ceremony, I am more curious about locating a point of origins for the art form—in the street scrawl by L.A.’s sureņos, or Chicano street gangs.

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  Faith of Our Artists
The Utne Reader
. February 23, 2011.

Los Angeles-based artist Sandow Birk takes on the current national (and international) divide over the relationship between religion and art with his new version of the Koran, illustrated with images of modern everyday life.

Read full article at Utne Reader’s Global Climate
Art Project

The Utne Reader. November 30, 2010.

In’s first global art project, “350 Earth,” a series of art installations simultaneously mounted in seventeen world cities raise international awareness of how climate change impacts all of us.

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  The Twin Cities—a Mecca
for Craft

American Craft
. August-Sept., 2009.

In this profile of the crafts community of Minnesota, I examine the rich array of craft institutions that have developed here over the past several decades.

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