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May 18,  2017 at 6:30 pm
At Moon Palace Books in Minneapolis
Michael talks baseball with Keith Law and Peter Schilling
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Rare Bird Radio logo  February 27, 2017 David Kukoff with Michael Fallon

David Kukoff, editor of the collection Los Angeles in the 1970s, in conversation with Michael Fallon, author of Dodgerland: Decadent Los Angeles and the 1977-78 Dodgers.

This interview is also available on the Rare Bird Radio iTunes podcast channel

So. Calif. Quarterly logo  Winter 2016 Dodgerland: Decadent Los Angeles and the 1977-78 DodgersReviewed by Steven P. Geitschier

Southern California Quarterly 
University of California Press

Dodgerland book cover  September 14, 2016 Review of Dodgerland: Decadent Los Angeles and the 1977-78 Dodgers by Alex Abboud on The Cities Tribune

“Both Leahy and Fallon are Dodgers fans writing about periods from their childhood. Leahy makes reference to games he attended in person. There is enough quality writing about the baseball itself to make both books interesting to fans. Both the action on the field and off of it, and the revealing insights into the backgrounds and characters of players off of it, are gripping. What really stands out, reading them consecutively as I did earlier this summer, is the broader context they bring in. They’re not just the story of the Dodgers, but of Los Angeles, as it rose to pre-eminence in the second half of the 20th century.”

Baseball Historian heading  August 28, 2016 Dodgerland: Decadent Los Angeles and the 1977-78 DodgersA Review by The Baseball Historian

“The story of these two Dodgers teams isn’t just about the players and the wins and the losses. Fallon frames it all by talking about what was going on in the city, the country and also his own family, which was finding its way in the area at the same time. It’s a perfect example of the way baseball so often deeply ingrains itself in a community and becomes an integral part of the society.”

CS Monitor logo   June 27, 2016 Dodgerland included in the Christian Science Monitor's list of “6 baseball books ripe for midseason reading

“To take the pulse of a city and penetrate its culture, a good place to start is with its pro sports teams. This can be especially true in Los Angeles, where the Dodgers are a southern California icon. In Dodgerland, author Michael Fallon uses the club to write both a sports and social history, chronicling America as the nation moved into the ‘me’ era.”

Radio host Greg Rasheed   May 21, 2016 Michael Fallon appears on the Root and Roots Radio Show

Michael Fallon speaks with radio host Greg Rasheed about his book Dodgerland and about the city of Los Angeles and the various characters who intersected with each other in the late seventies, especially on the 1977-78 Dodgers.

CLICK HERE to listen to a streaming version of the Dodgerland radio interview

Dodgerland book cover   April 30, 2016 Tom Hoffarth profiles Dodgerland in 30 baseball books for April '16, Day 30: The Dodgers and the '70s, a deliciously decadent look

“Fallon holds up [the Dodgers and California] for an intricate inspection, clearing away the palm trees to intentionally craft a ‘Bronx Is Burning’-type narrative that seems to demonstrate that the Dodgers epitomized the concept of ‘promise unrealized’ during a time when strange vibes were channeling their way through Southern California.”

CLICK HERE to see The complete 30-for-30 2016 list of baseball book reviews

Dodgerland book cover   April 11, 2016 Kirkus Review of Dodgerland: Decadent Los Angeles and the 1977-78 Dodgers  

“Not a conventional championship-season kind of treatment but a thoughtful, comprehensive, and even deeply personal account of a boisterous era whose echoes remain loud, even painful.”

Dodgerland (Univ. of Nebraska Press) will be released on June 1, 2016

Creating the Future cover   November 19, 2015 49th Parallel review of Michael Fallon, Creating the Future: Art and Los Angeles in the 1970s by Katherine Doniak

Download a PDF version of Doniak's review

Cultural Weekly logo   February 11, 2015 Review of Michael Fallon's Creating the Future  

by Tressa Berman on Cultural

PAR issue 51 cover   Winter 2014 Public Art Review book review: "That 70s Art: A glimpse into the world of Los Angeles art and artists during a turbulent decade"  

A review of Creating the Future by Cathy Madison in Public Art Review.

Download PDF (see page 87)

KCRW   Oct. 1, 2014 — KCRW radio interview — "Where feminist art began: Revisiting 'Womanhouse'"  

Lisa Napoli spoke with the author of Creating the Future at 533 N. Mariposa Avenue in Central Los Angeles, the site of the seminal feminist project from 1972, “Womanhouse.”

LA Weekly   Sept. 29, 2014 — LA Weekly review: "How '70s L.A. Changed the Art World"  

Mindy Farabee’s sharp and perceptive assessment of Creating the Future in L.A.'s alternative weekly paper. 

Cover of Creating the Future   June 30, 2014 — Publisher's Weekly Review   

Publishers Weekly’s short review of Creating the Future from its Fall Preview issue. 

Cover of Creating the Future           

June 11, 2014 — Kirkus Review weighs in       
A look at Michael Fallon’s soon-to-be-published book, Creating the Future: Art and Los Angeles in the 1970s, by the rigorous Kirkus Review.

Streets.MN Podcast #16   November 20, 2012 — Streets.MN Podcast #16 Picking Apart the Creative Placemaking Trend

A podcast conversation between Michael Fallon and Bill Lindeke, at Sweeney's Saloon in Saint Paul, about one of the hottest current trends in grantmaking in the arts (and urban design): Creative Placemaking.